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Exterior Design

Your garden : Your home

06/09/2018 By Sophie White

We believe in nesting, inside and out, so we approach every project with that...

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Floral Frontiers

The comeback kids

20/08/2018 By Christina Clarke

Welcome to another floral exploration here on the journal. This week we are championing...

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Floral Couture

Peonies : Eye Candy

14/06/2018 By Adrienne Curzon

Peony season is in full swing now which means that our worlds are full...

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Earth Hour

22/03/2018 By Christina Clarke

Earth Hour is approaching For anyone unfamiliar, Earth Hour is part of the WWF’s...

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The Pop Up Garden Collective

21/03/2018 By Adrienne Curzon

This blog will be popping up shortly!  

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Exterior Design

Winter at The Design Barn

28/02/2018 By Adrienne Curzon

We have certainly had the lion’s share of Narnia weather this year. Regardless of...

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Inside Out Outside In


28/02/2018 By Christina Clarke

“Hygge was never meant to be translated. It was meant to be felt” -...

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Garden Style

Bridging Spring

27/02/2018 By Christina Clarke

Only 21 days to go until Spring! Say no more…      

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Exterior Design

Hendy Curzon Website Launch

02/02/2018 By madebysix

The HC website has launched… promising a world of colour       .

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Land Art

Gardens Reloaded

01/01/2018 By Adrienne Curzon

Blog debuting soon            

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