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Exterior Design

Design interview

14/04/2021 By HC

Find one of our Modern Prairie projects featured and on the cover of enki...

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Green living : welcome to a new season

17/03/2021 By HC

Tomorrow is officially the last day of Winter. We are welcoming Spring this year...

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Floral Couture

La Belle Époque

01/03/2021 By HC

We are championing Tulip La Belle Époque as our Spring flower for 2021. La...

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Landscape Design

White spirit

09/02/2021 By HC

We designed and created an entirely white woodland as an integral part of the...

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Coastal Design

Welcome to the family : Padstow

29/06/2019 By HC

Back in early 2018 we were invited to bid and tender for a project...

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Floral Frontiers

Wild at heart

04/07/2019 By Adrienne

Throughout Oxfordshire it certainly seems to be proving to be the year of the...

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before & after

Retreat : Stories no. 7

19/06/2020 By HC

Welcome to Calan Haf, a house and garden restoration project in the Cotswolds. This...

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