Projects in the Works

Garden Scape

We have many projects in the works. They are currently at different development stages. We would love to hear from you regarding your project. Our teams, both in Studio and in field are in place to get your project realised.

Barn Cottage; The Cotswolds

Podscape; Oxford

Look West; Harwell

Little Hope; Botley

Muddle Barn Farm; the Cotswolds

Project D; Tuscany, Italy

Hall Farm; Cumbria, Lake District

High Wall House; Henley on Thames

Far End; Kingham

The View; Burford

The Sparrows; Constantine Bay, Cornwall

White & Grey; Padstow

Blenheim View; Oxfordshire

Fitts Barn; Little Tew

Bays Lea House; Combe

Folley Barn; Witney

Slate; Oxford

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